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Do you have a project and do not know where to start?

Contextual helps you to select, structure and write the most relevant information so that your entire project has a coherent and consistent style.


Your communication is effective and projects a professional image.


Do you have a business and want to standardise the style of your documents?

Contextual can create a purpose-built style manual for your company so that all of your documents are uniform in terms of typography and tone.


Your corporate image will be enhanced through a strategy of effective communication and uniform style.


Do you want to make document writing easier for the whole team?

We can help you to create a bank of useful phrases to use in the writing of formal and administrative documents.
We also have a series of templates for different types of documents that will make it easier for you and your team to write.


You can save time when writing and be confident that your written documentation is correctly expressed.


Do you have a recording or original manuscript?

Contextual provides the opportunity to transcribe it in the digital format you want.


Documents will be digitised to improve the management of your files.

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