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Design and communication

We complement our linguistic services with graphic and editorial design, thanks to our collaboration with Nusgràfic.

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Editorial design

Editorial design covers all areas of the design of books, catalogues, newsheets, magazines and other publications. An effective editorial design communicates clearly and creatively to the market and your target audience, resulting in a successful commercialisation of the publication.


Book covers and jackets, catalogues, magazines, reports, internal communication, bulletins and institutional communication.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity and, in particular, the brand is the first point of reference for your client. As such, it is the most important image that your organisation projects to the market.


Naming, brand graphic design, application manual, style guide and basic stationery.


The process of conceptualising and building a unique and impactful brand.


Brand strategy, brand identity, workplace design, retail and points of sale.


To grab the attention of your target market and to make a lasting impression, an effective, tailor-made advertising strategy for your organisation is vital.


Campaign concepts and strategy, design of graphic campaigns, copywriting and editing, design of posters, billboards, hoardings, brochures, leaflets and pamphlets.

Direct Marketing

An increasingly important branding element involves e-mail design and online advertising campaigns which can ensure that you give a quality professional image to your clients.


Design of communication campaigns.


Packaging does not have to be limited to the sole purpose of wrapping. It also provides the chance to promote the brand and the product. It is another opportunity for your business to highlight your product's USP and make it stand out head and shoulders above the competition.


Product lines, packets, bags, labelling and cases for CD and DVDs.


The design of signposts starts with a study of the current layout of the area and the movement of vehicles and so on. The next step is the presentation of the new layout before the final design of easily interpreted graphic symbols to guide people or vehicles.


Signposting of premises, directories.

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