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Our clients' feedback:

"Just what you want from a company: a call, a quote and the job done well by the agreed deadline. What more can you ask for from an editor?"

Eduard Altarriba

"All the experiences that we have had so far working with Contextual have been truly satisfying. We always went to them when we were pushed for time but even so, with complete professionalism, they met every expectation of quality, timing, customer service and a great price/quality ratio. A real pleasure. We will happily use them again".

Vicenta Gómez González

“The team of translators at Contextual have quickly adapted to the style of language of our texts, reflecting this correctly both in translations and proofreading. We rate them very highly for the flexibility and efficiency that they show in each job. We are very satisfied to work with them. Thank you!"

Carolina Saigós. Account executive.

"Contextual know how to provide everything that you need from a translation company: quality, reliability with respect to deadlines and one of the most valuable of all things these days - speed. Congratulations on the team you have put together".

Tamara Miranda. Secretary for the Department of the Marketing Director

"We were in contact quickly and straightaway they prepared a schedule that fitted my needs. What I value most is the speed with which they returned the finished work to me, as it was a lengthy text and a short deadline. It is not always easy to get scientific texts corrected properly as they deal with areas that are out of the proofreader's field of expertise. Despite this, they understood the content and knew how to make the appropriate changes. To sum up, I am very satisfied with the end result because they have added value to my work".

Doctora Marta Pedrouzo
Universitat Rovira i Virgili

"The proofreading of my novel was dealt with very professionally. The ideal complement for any writer who wishes to ensure a quality end product".

Alfons Carrasco.

"Punctuality, speed, initiative and a good team of translators".

Sara Romero. Head of translations and reviews.

"With Contextual, I got exactly what I needed: high quality results, speed and great customer service. I am really pleased. It is a team that inspires confidence. Thanks a lot!"

Mariona Otero
Designer and Photographer

"I thank them sincerely for their work and professionalism. There is no doubt that they improved my work with sensitivity. I am very pleased with their work. I will count on them for future collaborations. Fond regards"

Jordi Arnal

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